About Us

About Us

Welcome to Fitzgeralds Auto Care Center.

Our Complete Auto Care Center is geared towards providing almost every type of auto repair on almost any type of vehicle. Whether your vehicle is a car, truck, van, mini van, Hybrid, SUV, or fleet truck, we can fix it right and maintain it for minimal breakdowns and longest life. We repair most types of vehicle make and model, whether foreign or domestic.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to help our customers meet their vehicle longevity goals and to preserve the highest value for any vehicle we maintain. We will provide the best customer service, the best auto service, the best warranty and be the “go-to” shop in Costa Mesa.

Our Statement of Purpose

Did you know that all tires lose air over time, even when not being used. That causes premature tread wear and excessive fuel consumption due to higher rolling resistance. A front (or rear) suspension that is out of alignment can wear the edge off a tire in no time. A tire can be bald on the inside edge where it is hidden from view and look great on the outside where you can see it. Transmissions often fail due to neglected fluid. Brake fluid, contaminated with moisture, becomes conductive and destroys expensive brake hydraulics. Blowback from a leaking power steering pump will disintegrate anything rubber, including engine mounts, belts, hoses, electrical connectors and suspension bushings. Old, corrosive coolant actually dissolves aluminum engine parts, radiators and some head gaskets. Many maintenance needs don’t follow a manufacturer’s arbitrary maintenance schedule.

Most people don’t know about these issues. That’s why it is of paramount importance for your vehicles to be thoroughly inspected. The quick-lube centers don’t do it. From what we’ve seen, the dealers don’t do it. Gas stations don’t do it. That leaves us! We believe it is our responsibility as your service center to minimize unpleasant surprises. With every oil change service we do for you, a thorough 100 Point Maintenance Inspection is performed. If there are any approaching needs that we can tell, you will be advised and you will get a prioritized copy of the inspection form. We want you to know what’s good and what’s coming as well as what’s necessary. Ask to see the form we use.

A little prevention can save a lot of money, time, aggravation and inconvenience. We believe that this kind of regular preventive service is at least as important as changing your oil. We are committed to this kind of service for our customers. Part of our mission is to aim for 200,000 miles of reliable service from any vehicle we maintain.